Meet My Sweet Pups!!!

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Hi.  My name is Layla Rhea named after my grandmother.  I am a rescue dog from Martin, Tennessee.  I am a 65-pound Pit Bull mix.  I can speak four different languages that I made up myself.  Don’t let my breed scare you, the only person I’ve ever bitten is myself.  I even stepped on an ant and cried for hours.  Sometimes when I get really excited I act like a bird and I screech at the top of my lungs.  Neighbors love that about me.  I love to cuddle.  It’s my expertise.  I am spoiled rotten and can do many tricks, when I feel like it.  I give the best kisses too.  Although people may think I’m a dog I’m actually human.  I sleep in human beds and rest my head on pillows.  I even sit on chairs and enjoy watching the evening news.

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Hey everybody.  My name is Leroy Brown and I’m the baddest man in town.  Sometimes I can be bad like when I drool all over my mom or when I chew up my grandpa’s hoses or dig holes in the yard to hide all my bones and toys so no one can have them but me.  I love cuddling and sleeping with my momma.  She calls me Mr. Brown so I can feel more grown up like my brother Hank.  I have big elephant ears and a big nose because I’m a bloodhound.  I may look HUGE but I only weigh 75 pounds.  I just have lots of wrinkles.  I actually smelled my way through the woods for two weeks to find my dad.  After I was lost in the woods with no friends and having the vets pull 300 ticks off me, I’d say I’m a pretty lucky boy.  On August 13th, 2015 I got married to the most beautiful yellow lab there ever was.  Her name is Mia & we have 7 children….all boys…all black!  They are our labloodhounds.



Hello.  My name is Hank, but you can call me Hank, Hanky, Hanky Buddy, Buddy, chunky monkey or Hankopautomus.   I was born in Martin, Tennessee.  I am a Labrador retriever.   I weigh 95 pounds.  Some say I’m hefty but my momma says I’m just big boned.  When I’m not inside reading books, I’m probably outside protecting my momma from all the wasps and bees that try to attack her.  I’m actually pretty smart and the truth is I know I’m smart, so I usually choose to act dumb to get away with things, like eating my mom’s mattress while she’s gone.  I love my momma.  I’ll fetch anything you’ll throw at me, I can swim under water, and if you’re nice I can get you a beer out of the fridge.

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It’s true….Mr. Leroy Brown & my brother’s dog, Mia, had 7 puppies!!!  Here are some adorable videos of the whole experience!