Meet Camilla – Director of Videography

Hey y’all! My name is Camilla and I am the videographer for Snap Happy Productions!!  I am based in Memphis, TN But I am available WORLD-WIDE.  Yep.  Destination weddings ROCK!!  Anyways, I am 24 years old, I graduated high school from St. Agnes Academy after having gone to the soccer state finals two years in a row and winning one, then I played Division 1 soccer at UT Martin, after an injury I transferred back home to Memphis and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production.  As you can see by my packages, I am absolutely obsessed with dogs.  ESPECIALLY my dogs 🙂  They are my children and I’ll admit it….they are treated like children 🙂 I have four of them: Hank, a 90 pound black lab retriever, Layla, a 60 pound pitbull/great pyranese mix, Mr. Leroy Brown, an 80 pound bloodhound, and Harly Jane, our tiny little boxer.  Funny story:  (maybe more embarrassing than funny lol)  All four were on my bed with me and in the middle of the night I couldn’t move and had no covers, and my only solution was to go sleep on the dog bed.  Lord have mercy.

I started making “movies” at a very young age.  Every single family vacation we went on I would make a movie about it so everyone in the family could remember it forever!  (video from our recent trip to Destin , FL is at the bottom of page)  I absolutely love making memories and I love helping people cherish priceless moments forever.  AKA, I LOVE my job.  Wedding videography is the perfect fit for me.  I’m so thankful for everyone who has gotten me here today, especially my bosses, partners, and friends, Jenn and Ben, also known as, Snap Happy Photography!

Some fun facts about me are: 1) I absolutely LOVE water.  Whether at the ocean or the lake, my life is complete.  So if you’re getting married on the beach CONTACT ME (you’ll get a discount).  I grew up tubing, wake boarding, skiing four-wheeling, fishing, etc. at Pickwick Lake.  2)My favorite color is yellow and when I played soccer I ALWAYS wore yellow cleats 3) My favorite number is 10!!!  5) I love Cross-Fit.  I know some cross-fitters have a bad wrap, BUT it’s amazing, it’s fun, and its competitive.  6)  but I also love yoga.  After my soccer injuries (blew out knees), I had been experiencing pain in my knees and lower back and yoga has saved me completely.  7) I’m obsessed with The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon A Time, Blacklist aaaaaand Spongebob. 9) I have one tattoo and I but you’ll never guess what it is!  10)  My family is my LIFE.  They will always come first!!!  I don’t know what I would do without them.  So thankful God has paired them with me!

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